Think Bitesize #7 – Change requires action – Tyler Stone

The fact you’ve tuned in tells me that you’re in search for inspiration and put simply these episodes offer you an injection of inspiration in less than 10 mins! Whether it’s a Monday morning and you’re looking for something to help kick start your week, or maybe it’s mid week Wednesday and you need something to help you push towards the weekend! We’ve got your covered!

Here’s how it works, I’ve went through each episode of the main series with a fine tooth comb and picked out, what I feel are the most poignant and inspirational moments.
This weeks Injection of Inspiration comes in from Personal Trainer Tyler Stone. Like most of us, when lockdown hit, Tyler found himself with a lot of time to reflect on many aspects of his life. It was this moment of reflection that motivated Tyler to make some drastic changes, to his exercise routine, his eating habits as well as looking at his career and mapping out how to create his Personal Training brand. If you ever doubted the importance of goal setting then I'd suggest you have a listen and allow Tyler to tell you how doing so has changed his life.

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