S4. Ep 8. Motivational Interviewing – Glenn Hinds

My Guest this week is Motivational Interviewing consultant, Glen Hinds. Motivational interviewing is a counselling method that involves enhancing a patient's motivation to change by means of four guiding principles, represented by the acronym RULE: Resist the righting reflex; Understand the patient's own motivations; Listen with empathy; and Empower the patient.  


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S4. Ep 7. – Exploring the Sub Conscious Mind – Marius Iliescu

Habits, The Sub Conscious Mind & Flow State – Three topics that have held my intrigue since I first studied them at University! This week I'm joined by Mindset Coach Marius Iliescu as we have a discussion about the aforementioned topics and share out own thoughts, experiences and analogies.

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S4. Ep.6 – Bob & Berts – The Origin Story – Colin McClean

Bobs & Berts has fast become one of the most vibrant and noticeable coffee and food brands on the high street in Northern Ireland, but how, since starting in 2013, has this rapid growth been achieved? This week I chat with founder, Colin McClean as he gives The Think Curiously Podcast an exclusive insight into the inner workings of such a successful brand,  we discuss his entrepreneurial mindset , over coming challenges and much much more.

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S4. Ep 5. A leap of faith – Chris Gregg

Working a 9-5 job, but knowing that you have a greater purpose? Feeling that burning desire to do more, to want more, and to get more from life? Whilst in a comfortable enough job, Chris was slowly building the next chapter of his life, his own business. Not too long after the untimely passing of his father Wes, Chris took that leap of faith and hasn't looked back!

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S4. Ep 4. Purpose, the power of Poetry – James Nguyen

Before I go any further I feel that I need to state this – It's a common phrase – Don't judge a book by it's cover, but I'm going to give that a bit of a shake up and adapt it to – DON'T JUDGE THIS EPISODE BY IT'S TITLE.

This is a story of purpose, of how we make sense of the world and the ebbs and flows of life. One that will encourage you to ask yourself some fundamental questions using the guise of spoken word poetry as the medium by which all the fuzziness of life can be made, well, a little less fuzzy!

My guest this week is James Nguyen, a 7-figure entrepreneur-turned-spoken word artist who has been a contributing writer on Forbes since 2016 and been featured on global networks like ABC, CNBC, and Sky News. As jqn, James zones in on his philosophy and spirituality through poetry.

You can catch James on Instagram at jqnstudios or on his YouTube channel, link is posted below.

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S4. Ep 3. Living a high performance lifestyle- Julie Nelson

What does it take to live a high performance lifestyle? – My guest this week has done just that in a career that has spanned over 15 years and show no signs of slowing down. In her illustrious career,  footballer, Julie Nelson has just about seen and won it all! 117 caps for Northern Ireland , copious amounts of league and cup winners medals and now embarks on preparing for Euro 2022, NI women's first ever major tournament. 

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S4. Ep 2. Redefining expectations – Kenny Shiels

Northern Ireland International Women's Manager Kenny Shiels has been in football practically his whole life and with over 30 years in management his experiences and lessons learnt can be a source of inspiration to us all. I think it's also worth noting that you don't have to follow foot or be that interested in sport to listen and feel inspired when you hear the passion in Kenny's voice!

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S4. Ep 1. Fatherhood – Marty Chappell

Fatherhood!…. A topic that strangely not many men actually talk about. Season four kicks off with  a conversation about that exact topic. Back in February I caught up with Mary Chappell to discuss how he is finding the new experience of being a father. The high, the lows, the emotions, the sleepless nights and everything in between!

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