Episode 8. Your past does not define you – Steven Benedict

 As a professional track and field athlete and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Steven Benedict has run in some of the worlds most prestigious events. In addition to the Adidas Classic Diamond League and US Nationals, he ran for Nike for 2 years and was a Penn Relays Champion. Featured in 50 national and international magazines such as Train, ESPN Magazine, Mens Fitness, Mens Health and Fitness RX, Steven has expertise and contributions that extend. far beyond the track.

 These accomplishments were not what was expected based on his early years. Steven’s childhood began in an abusive home which resulted in he and his brothers placement in foster care. Over the course of his first 8 years, he was moved between homes and motels with little certainty of what the next day would bring. At age 8, he and his brother were adopted by an incredible couple which possessed traits of joy, humility, sacrifice and unconditional love. The time with these parents would be short lived, however as both his mom and dad suffered untimely deaths within a few years of each other.

The pain of these losses nearly ended Steven’s professional career but as history would repeat itself, once again, Steven defied the odds and is back stronger than ever to be proof that experiences in life are nothing more than another day of training in becoming a champion for others. He is passionate to set the pace for the coming generations as an example of what relentless strength and faith can accomplish.

You can find out more about Steven’s life and work at his website: Steven Benedict (stevieyb.com)

Episode 7. Change requires action – Tyler Stone

If I asked you to think of one word to describe 2020 I’m pretty sure that you might be tempted to use a swear word or some other forceful language to express your distain at the events we’ve just lived through. But not Tyler! Tyler Stone is a 21 year old with an exceptionally inspirational story to tell of how he used lockdown to turn his life around, both physically and mentally. I first came across Tyler’s story when he was a guest on the ‘What’s happening Podcast’ presented by Jordan Moore and became intrigued by it. Tyler shares his story in the hope that it helps you to inspire you to share yours. 

Episode 6. Turning darkness into light – Gary Wallace

Gary Wallace is the founder of CORE NI, starting the company through his passion for promoting healthy active lifestyles and sporting performance for people of all ages and abilities. Gary has also worked as a strength and conditioning coach with the U17, U19 and U21 Northern Ireland international squads before recently being promoted to the senior men’s International coaching staff by Ian Barraclough. Things haven’t always been as positive for Gary, who speaks candidly of his battle with mental health issues and how having the confidence to speak up would eventually motivate him to take the leap of starting his own company and living a more healthier and successful lifestyle.  

Episode 5. Push beyond your limits.- Harry Strutt

What does Mixed Martial Arts, Ultra Marathon Running and Chicken farming have in common? Turns out more than you think. Harry Strutt is someone with an insatiable drive for self improvement through his pursuit of pushing beyond his limits! From winning a British MMA championship to preparing to run a mammoth 250km marathon and setting his sights on the 268 mile challenge across the Pennines. Harry speaks about his sporting career, the ups and downs and how his competitive nature is balanced by his love of Chicken farming, spending time with his young family and volunteering at a local Organic farm. Literally nothing is off limits for Harry. Can you use his story to help inspire you to challenge yourself?

Episode 4. The Mouse Trap Conversation – Matt Thomas

Every now and then we will encounter someone who’s presence we can feel without them speaking a single word. When they enter a room it’s as if they have an aura of positivity and energy that on a subconscious level draws you in. I met that very person in 2018 as we both navigated our way through the final moments of the UEFA ‘A’ coaching Licence in Belfast. Matt Thomas is a coach education manager and mentor plying his trade in Canada, an ex professional footballer, Matt lives his life with the sole purpose of creating and maintaining positive relationships so that, as he puts it, “we create a ripple effect” that helps other promote that very mindset. In this episode we speak about connection and relationship building, loving yourself, absconding social norms and so much more. 

Episode 3. Creativity- Joe Smith

This week I am joined by Joe Smith, Technical Director of Soccer Chance Academy based in Portland, Oregon. Joe tells his story of the multicultural society that helped foster his curiosity and inspired him to explore beyond tradition. Joe speaks candidly about his upbringing in the shadows of Wembley stadium and his time in academy football both as a player and a coach. He elaborates further on  how he’s using lessons from his younger years to help inspire players, parents and staff at his club to live a more creative lifestyle.

Episode 2. John Wooden- Observations from on and off the court.

John Wooden is one of the most decorated College basketball coaches of all time. He won 10 NCAA championships  in 12 years, his UCLA Bruins programme recorded numerous winning streaks that a coach and fan could only ever dream of, 88, 47 and 41 games in a row! But there’s much more to his story than trophies and winning streaks, my guest John McAlister and talk openly,  fuelled by copious amounts of tea, about our personal takeaway messages from the work of such an inspirational character.

Episode 1. Carpe Diem

In this episode I chat with Lee Dodd and Don Sturgeon co owners of Carpe Diem Apparel, a mindset and lifestyle clothing brand from the North Coast of Ireland. No topic is off limits. What does Carpe Diem mean, how was the idea for the clothing brand conceived and what is does a Carpe Diem mindset and lifestyle look like. Recorded at Carpe Diem HQ with an open fire, beer and some pizza! #seizetheday