S2. Ep 8. My Search For Meaning – Rich Powell

It’s fair to say that we all engage in reflection on a daily, even hourly basis, mostly on a subconscious level. But how many of us have ever looked directly at our core and asked questions of ourselves that bare the truths of who we are. Rich Powell is an English Soccer Coach living and working in America and someone who, in recent years, has engaged in some very deep level reflections which has lead him to speaking about his own Mental Health on this Podcast Episode.

S2. Ep 7. The longer I serve him – Robbie Haire

At 91, Robbie Haire has the motivation and vigour of a 20 year old! As we all navigate our way through the current restrictions and lockdowns, Robbie has lived through the restrictions of World War 2. He tells the story of pulling the blackout blinds closed at night to ward off the German Bombers, he speaks about his experiences of living through the troubles in Northern Ireland, how he found love, and what has motivated him at 91 to release his first ever music album.

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S2. Ep 6. – This is my story – Chrissy Devine

 This week I am joined by Chrissy Devine as he recounts the past 8 years of his life. Eight years that have included depression, a suicide attempt, the loss of his father, the loss of his closet friend and most recently loosing his unborn child. Chrissy speaks openly and honestly about his story in the hope that others may feel inspired to share theirs. 

S2. EP 5. Living with Anxiety – Darran Wallace

From secondary school, through University and into adulthood, Darran has learnt to live with his Anxiety. Not to be held prisoner by it, Darran, leads a face paced and productive lifestyle as a businessman and owner of two companies, host of the MiND Podcast, content creator and host of Changemakers NI, as a father to two young boys and so much more. Darran’s story is one of acceptance, perseverance and an insatiable attitude towards growth and development .

Check out the MiND Podcast below:


S2. EP 4. Doc Rivers – Life lessons with James Green

In September 2020, Netflix released a little known Docuseries, The Playbook. With it’s selection of some of the worlds top sports coaches, it provides an insight into the world of high performance sport. And if it stopped there then no-one would argue. But it doesn’t. It goes deeper, deeper into the life lessons that each coach has thought about, experienced and holds true to themselves. In this episode, James Green and I discuss the 5 life lessons as described by NBA Basketball coach Doc Rivers, using his lessons as a means of exploring our own experiences.

S2. Ep 3. Understand your emotions – Gareth Fox

Do you have an ingredients list of the emotions that you would like to feel on a daily basis?
You might have thought about your thoughts but have you ever written them down?
What is hypnotherapy and how can it help me?

Just some of the questions we explore in this episode with Hypnotherapist – Gareth Fox. Gareth is a qualified Rapid Transformational therapist and an internationally published author and journalist  who believes that “willpower alone is not enough to break the chains of bad habits and fears. To truly change we need to connect with the subconscious mind”

You can find out more information about Gareth and his work on his website using the link below:


S2. Ep 2. Authenticity – Kaig Lightner

How often do you question who you are? What is your Purpose? Your cause? Your Belief? To be honest those are questions that I would never have entertained if I had never came across the work of Simon Sinek and his book, Start with Why. It turns out that my guest this week also shares my enthusiasm for answering such questions. Kaig Lightner is the Founding Executive Director of Portland Community Soccer Club and the CEO & Founder of Quantum Gender. Born a female, Kaig would later begin the transition into his knew life living as a male. Kaig talks openly about his experience of transitioning and speaks passionately about his continued search for Authenticity.

S2. EP1. Competitive greatness- KC Moultrie

What is competitive greatness ?
What does it take to commit to the pursuit of excellence?
What can the mindset of a collegiate basketball player teach us about life?

KC Moultrie is an ex college basketball player, who is relentless in his pursuit for excellence. KC speaks about his understanding of what competitive greatness looks like and how he’s been able to connect the lessons from his time in basketball to the most important role he holds, that of a father to his children.