Following on from Stand Tall, Acceptance is my second attempt at Spoken Word Poetry. Taking inspiration from those around me this piece  attempts to encapsulate the struggles I’ve witnessed but also the strength of character that has helped that person pull through!


It’s what we all search for 

long before, 

we ever know what it’s for.

Words weighted in hate as others attempt to berate every sediment of our being like the girl trying to refrain from not being the same


Everyone else on this merry-go-round walking on unsteady ground, feeling like she’ll never be found, as others compound her misery when they hound and try to surround her like she’ll never be found.

It’s the colour of her hair, the colour of her skin, it’s the language that she uses and yet  still gets abused.

But we should not confuse….the actions of the minority to speak for the majority. 

They Stand and stare, point fingers and laugh without a moments care. Where do you go when there’s no one there……To capture our dreams or help as a life is ripped from it’s seams. 

The sun beams and streams of light ignored as she feels abhorred-

She battles her demons and smiles politely fighting with her sobriety unhinged by society 

As it..

Drives her towards the darkness she’s so keen to escape, as she tries to erase the injuries, memories and failed contingencies. Left with mysteries of her histories from relationships as violent as the winter -seas. She finds It hard to breathe with a moments ease. Her eyes scream in silence but still she remains defiant. Awake and unbroken she keeps hopin to be taken from this place, where she can find the space to fight those demons that’s she’s trying to replace. 

Live and let live we’re told. Why are we so bold, driven towards the dissection of another for personal gain. 


No matter the pain it’s just not enough, we taunt and talk, twist and turn the words of another as we try to refrain from our own truth. If the truth be told and the youth could hold, their views and opinions we could abolish untruth to premonish the youth in cognation with the next generation

Live and let live we’re told. 

If Acceptance is what we search for then why do we yearn for, the destruction of another. It’s as if we’re trying to cover…..UP who we really are. It can never  be, should never be, we should never see…this as the only way to be. 

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