Before I go any further I feel that I need to state this – It’s a common phrase – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m going to give that a bit of a shake up and adapt it to – DON’T JUDGE THIS EPISODE BY IT’S TITLE.

This is a story of purpose, of how we make sense of the world and the ebbs and flows of life. One that will encourage you to ask yourself some fundamental questions using the guise of spoken word poetry as the medium by which all the fuzziness of life can be made, well, a little less fuzzy!

My guest this week is James Nguyen, a 7-figure entrepreneur-turned-spoken word artist who has been a contributing writer on Forbes since 2016 and been featured on global networks like ABC, CNBC, and Sky News. As jqn, James zones in on his philosophy and spirituality through poetry.

You can catch James on Instagram at jqnstudios or on his YouTube channel, link is posted below.

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