Like many of you listening, I asked the same question “What is Spoken Word Poetry?”… Spoken word poetry is a form of poetry that doesn’t have to rhyme, but certain parts can be rhymed to emphasize an image or give it a lyrical quality. It’s mainly a performance piece spoken by the writer, allowing the author to paint to the picture with words, placing emphasises on words, phrases or slang were needed to bring them to life.

What you’re about to hear is my first attempt at writing Spoken Word Poetry. I don’t want to give too much away and ultimately would like you to draw your own interpretation from it. Though it’s central tenant is founded on my views of conformity, how I feel we are born to with the expectation to conform, it’s a push back against social stereotypes and social structures put in place to keep us in our boxes. It asks to listener to be aware of all the outside sources of influence trying to bend mould and move you to being who they want you to be!

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