#76 – It’s my mental health with Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust

Back in October 2021 I was invited to their weekly men only support hub here in Coleraine. A small group of men who meet every Monday to chat, socialise and receive support for mental health issues. Over the course of the following few weeks I got my head down and I wrote and wrote and wrote. About 3 versions all together. And what you’re about to hear is the final piece. I sincerely hope that the poem has helped those men who I sat with in some way lighten the load of what ever their mental struggles are. I hope that it shows the power in speaking up! I can honestly, hand on heart say that I left that meeting that evening, inspired! Inspired by their strength of character, by their willingness to help others even when they themselves feel helpless. 



Think Bitesize #9 – Kaig Lightner

Authenticity.  What does it take to find it and to be comfortable living it?

Kiag's episode was number 2 of season 2, which you find by scrolling through our catalogue.

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Think Bitesize #8 Competitive Greatness – KC Moultrie

What is competitive greatness ?
What does it take to commit to the pursuit of excellence?
What can the mindset of a collegiate basketball player teach us about life?

KC Moultrie is an ex college basketball player, who is relentless in his pursuit for excellence. KC speaks about his understanding of what competitive greatness looks like and how he's been able to connect the lessons from his time in basketball to the most important role he holds, that of a father to his children. 

#72 – Darkness – An explanation

How often do we search for meaning?

What if there's more to wat you see, read or hear?

Darkness is a Spoken Word piece that touches on mental health awareness and suicide and aims to ask deep philosophical questions  about our understanding of how we perceive each. I recite the poem then break it down paragraph by paragraph providing an explanation of what I was thinking when writing. 

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#71 – Clear Focus – The way of the Karateka – Terry Geddis

If a samurai draws his sword, there's one going to be one outcome. Legend has it that, once the sword has been drawn, death will ensue. ONE HIT! ONE KILL! Is the aim.


This is only seen as a last resort! 

Terry Geddis is 6th Dan black belt Karate instructor! Someone of great passion and understanding of the way of the karateka! Join us a we discuss what it takes to reach mastery within an accident martial art. We talk about the importance of respecting traditions and how Karate can help increase mindfulness during some of life's most turbulent experiences.

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#70 – Modern Soccer Coach – Gary Curneen

Gary Curneen is the visionary behind the hugely successful Modern Soccer Coach platform, consisting of books, podcasts, educational videos and live conferences. In this episode we chat about the sacrifices required to pursue a career in Soccer, we discuss the importance of interpersonal relationships, communication and a range of other topics.

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