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I’ve never been one for conformity, living my life rejecting social norms and refusing to think about life as others do, I once read a quote that read “there’s a sameness in our uniqueness, in that we are similarly unique”  For some reason that resonated with me. We all have a story to tell, let no one tell you different, and I guess the podcast and to a larger extent, the think curiously community was built on those very foundations. No two stories are ever the same, no two life experiences play out exactly like the previous. Emotions, behaviours, thoughts, feelings and action all differ, that’s the unique part and that’s what binds us. What makes us the same is that we all have the ability to show emotions, to act, to think and to feel. Welcome to think curiously community, one that promotes authenticity and curiosity through a wide range of multimedia outlets, designed to engage and inspire.

Ohhh…and a little about me…..My name is Gary Devenney, I’m the host and content creator of the think curiously podcast and the think curiously community. By day I am a football coach, by night I’m a podcaster, writer, reader and thinker. The idea for the think community sprung from my genuine curiosity of the world, the intricacies of human interaction, behaviour, and social expectations. In 2013 I started to write about what I was thinking, to try to make sense of my thoughts. For a number of years those thoughts lay dormant on paper, before I decided to publish them. Then in 2020, when the world quite literally came to a standstill, Think Curiously was born, more precisely it was born on November 1st 2020, at roughly 6pm, with beer, pizza, an open fire and good company, the rest as they say is…………boring!

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“I will keep constant watch over myself – most usually – I will put each day up for review”

Gary Devenney

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