Carpe Diem

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In their aptly named product line ‘Death before boredom’ Carpe Diem promote you to do rather than just think! Don’t get caught up in details, live life for the moment.  What’s unique about our partnership is that we both arrived at our respective ideas by using the time afforded to us by the first national lockdown of 2020. We’d rather die than let boredom take hold!


Carpe Diem was born after coming across the quote reading one day. This then sparked an idea of putting together the things we have passion for:- motivating each other, doing stuff we love and wearing the same t shirts all the time, honestly every time (inside joke with the founders). We feel we try to live our life via the Carpe Diem mantra so we wanted to share that and help inspire people to do the same.

carpe diem – seize the day !

Gareth Fox

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‘Am I adding value?’ When the idea for Think Curiously Podcast was conceived it’s purpose was to provide a platform for others to share their story in the hope that it would inspire others to share theirs. Gareth was a guest on Season 2 of the podcast, he spoke about his work as a RT therapist and somewhere in both of us it clicked ‘We both believe in adding value’ A few phone calls later and Gareth kindly agreed to sponsor the podcast through his Backbone Performance Support Programme. BACKBONE is a 12 WEEK transformational, PERFORMANCE support program that empowers you to visualise, design and accomplish your ideal life. Most people only focus on improving certain areas of their life: their career, health, and relationships.

In reality, there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfilment.

Backbone was created to allow you to achieve success in 12 fundamental areas of your life.

Start taking charge of your life today.