It’s my mental health

It’s my mental health that others can’t see but they tell me this is who I am supposed to be


Are we born with a purpose, or is it something that we purchase?

Do What’s Right

As troubled times come, troubled times go. Show the world that you can bare any woe.

I am because we are

Together with the spirit of the holy Trinity, fittingly it is this indestructability that promotes our affinity, like being in close proximity with an ancient Rath that has set us on this path.


An attempt on ones life is not weak minded, it serves for us to reminded that damage to the mind can leave us blinded to the wonders of the world.


It’s what we are searching for… long before we know what it’s for.

By my side

I’m transported to that place where I can just be..


And there you’ll find your scroll to dismiss those misconceptions..

Remember that time

What good is sympathy or empathy when it’s not meant for me…

Stand Tall

Preconditioned to conform, we let our minds be formed by the click bate….


I was once told that the past is just a memory, the future is just a dream and if the clock told the truth it would just say NOW!…